The rose garden

Property of Eleonora Garlant and Valentino Fabiani, it has an extraordinary collection of old, classical and English, botanical and climbing roses (there are more than one thousand roses and they have been left growing without limits), and other plants that can hardly live and thrive like this in the north. It is one of the most important amateur rose gardens in Europe, with an extension of approximately 9000 square meters and 1600 different rose specimens.

It is a combination of orchard and garden which in a spontaneous and original way revives the disposition of some English gardens, of the small cottage gardens and of the French monastic gardens: the roses grow around fields used as vegetable gardens where rows with vegetables and aromatic plants flourish, arranged in regular furrows. Thus, they form a a continuous intersection of paths overflowing with roses, many of which forming tunnels full of flowers, others only framed laterally by colorful walls. Also the color choice is very accurate according to groups, rose types or tonality emphasized and highlighted by a dense array of herbaceous and flowering plants.

The garden is open to the public in Spring between May and June and on particular occasions, such as exhibitions, events and school labs.